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Searching for a Paint Professional?

  • Determine area to be painted
  • Consider work to be done before painting, such as replacing moldings, patching walls, removing old paint and maybe even hanging new doors
  • Decide colors and type of paint
    • Painter may have suggestion
    • Paint store can help
  • Have painter inspect site and quote price
  • Make sure painters are quoting same detail such as area to be painted, preparation, number or coats, and quality of paint
  • Ask the painter for references and contact them
  • If doing specialized painting, such as sponging, make sure painter has experience
  • Is residence built before 1978, insist painter is RRP certified

Listing by Store Location - Click on Links to see more detail where available.

A List of Professional Painters to help you decide who you want to receive an estimate from

Store: 2564 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

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Brothers Painting  617-623-1055

Doolan Paint Contracting 781-396-8530

Home Solutions Co. 617-543-3582

Jim Hough 781-632-9607

Store: 1472 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington

Culhane Painting

Bryant Painting 781-933-9398   Video

AT Painting Contractor

Store: 729 Broadway, Somerville

Beautify Contracting

Pro Line 617-875-3289

Quality Painting by Dino 781-932-6309

Coelho Contracting Inc. 781-391-0989

Store: 1149 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Paradise Painting

A&D Construction

Eagle Building

Amador Home Improvement

Matos Painting

Inclusion of a Painter on the City Paint "Need A Painter?" list is not a guaranty or warranty of the work that these Painters perform for customers who find them as a result of the list.

The "Need A Painter?" list is provided by City Paint as a service to our customers. The program is based upon the premise that not every person who claims to be a Painter is qualified to be a Painter.


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